Thursday, April 23, 2009

another keeper adventure

here is the latest installment in the keeper adventures! the girls earned their rubber stamping badge with the help of janet. (thank you, janet! it was wonderful!) they had a great time and made some very nice cards. the keeper handbook has an entire section of badges which focus on Others, serving family, church, and community in special ways. although the rubber stamping badge does not officially fall into this category, i love the way the girls naturally thought of others as they made their cards. a little note to someone is a wonderful way of sharing love and encouragement.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up,
just as in fact you are doing.
I Thess. 5:11

i would also like to mention that O brought some very yummy brownies and lemonade as our treat! thank you! and to those who could not be with us, you were missed!!

working on her stamping (notice her finished weaving project. some of the girls brought their projects from the last meeting to show. very nice!)

cute pigtails!

janet demonstrating an embossing technique, it seems like magic!

on a side note, i want to share a silly story about the evening. before B and i left mark and the boys, they were trying to decide what to do since the girls were having their own special plans that night. they threatened to go to our favorite ice cream shop, for shakes. of course we convinced them to wait until we could go along, too...well, it just so happens that the ice cream shop is directly across the street from the coffee shop where the keepers were meeting. during our craft time we sat at tables near a large window, and who should come parading by with giant shakes and ice cream cones? very funny, guys! it had the desired effect as the girls moaned and hollered and shook their little fists at them through the window! but don't feel too sorry for us! janet's husband, jim popped in to make all sorts of iced frappuccinos, italian sodas, and smoothies for us. thanks, jim! you are so good to us! :o)
everyday gift: encouraging one another

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Tonya said...

So fun!! So sorry we missed that one. Love ya,