Tuesday, April 7, 2009

it was all a blur

B had her first sleep-over and it was all a blur! i tried to get some good pictures, but it was hard to focus on the moving targets.

B made these cute little cupcake pops for a treat. (thank you to heather p from the fiar boards who shared the idea!) they were a lot of fun to make (all 47 steps...jk.) and were very tasty! they were definately a hit.

if eight was great, nine is divine! happy birthday, B!

see what i mean about the blur?!

snuggled in sleeping bags, watching an AG movie

everyday gift: the giggles of girlfriends


Jeremiah29:11 said...

Happy Birthday B! Those cupcakes are adorable! Have fun being 9!

Stacy, thanks for checking out my blog! I hope to keep updating it, but I must admit that I tend to be as wishy washy on blog posting as I am on everything else...like house keeping! Right now, I have to spend a few days digging out the furniture and counter tops. 4 kids can sure "redecorate" a place quickly when Mom's back is turned! :) Keep writing!

Amy said...

Love it!! Love it all!! And the best of years to B!!