Wednesday, April 29, 2009


B ran in the house with big news! she had discovered a robin's nest in the lilac bush...and there are eggs! oh, i love such excitement over the discovery of beauty in God's creation. there is nothing that compares to the blue of a robin's egg. i am amazed every time see them.

mama robin watched with concern from the cherry tree as i photographed the nest. she returned shortly after i walked away and seemed satisfied that her babies were safe. she really is an attentive mother. i am in awe of her patience while sitting on that nest. and when the eggs hatch, mama never rests, but is constantly feeding those little peeping beaks! i know the feeling! :o)

B is keeping a bird notebook. she is anxious to add the robin with photos from our own special robins. i must say, she does a thorough job of researching; reading books from the library, finding pictures on line, carefully coloring the birds to be realistic. she really is a joy to teach!

for the past 6 years, or so, we have had a pair of robins nesting under our deck. it is in an ideal spot for us to observe and we watch for the building process to begin each spring. this year, i couldn't figure out why they weren't collecting straw and wool from the sheep pen for this years nest. they were hanging around in the maple tree next to the deck as usual. yesterday, the reason became clear: they are re-using last year's nest! i didn't know they ever did that, but there she was, sitting on that old nest. through the slats in the deck above we can peek into the nest. 3 eggs this year.

everyday gift: blue robin eggs


Anonymous said...

Dear Ones,
You sure must live have TWO robins' nests at your house! What good eyes the little bird watcher has to spot the one in the lilac bush,a lovely, fragrant place for mama robin to settle down. Nothing smells sweeter than spring lilacs! What a joy to see it all today. Who cares if the sun doesn't shine?? ;o)
Love, Mom/Grammy

Amy said...

Love it!!

Tonya said...

Oh, that is so cool, great shot of those eggs. I think bethany has inspired abby to make a bird notebook! Does she draw off the photo? Lovely job and so much We have a robin's nest outside the boys window but way high in the pine tree....and the momma is quite enamored with their window. I think we will have to peek around for more nests around here! :)

stacy said...

tonya, B is a much different student than my boys in 3rd grade...she loves to write. the pictures were traced from a "how to draw birds" book (she got frustrated with her own drawings) and then she used prismacolor pencils to color them.

Chris said...

Wow! I had forgotten how blue robin egg were! Nice drawings too.

rainydaymichele said...

What a great bird journal! Those eggs are gorgeous, too.