Monday, April 6, 2009

a birthday cherry pie

a flashback picture of B picking cherries from grandpa's cherry tree

everyone at our house loves a cherry pie, but no matter how hard i tried, i could not make a fresh cherry pie that would not run all over the plate! it was always too juicy. until last summer, when i finally found the perfect recipe. not only does it make a pie filling that is thicker, but it is perfect for using up an abundant cherry harvest and freezing.

Cherry Pie Filling
8 cups tart cherries
2 1/2 cups sugar
5 T cornstarch
wash, drain, and pit cherries. combine sugar and cornstarch. stir into cherries and let stand about 30 minutes, until juices begin to flow. cook over medium heat until mixture begins to thicken. ladle the pie filling into 1 quart freezer containers leaving 1/2" head space. cool at room temperature, not to exceed 2 hours, and freeze.
yield: 4 quarts
everyday gift: cherry pie


Jeremiah29:11 said...

Hi Stacy-
I just love your blog! It is refreshing, convicting (in a gentle way, but none the less), encouraging...Thanks for sharing! You have a beautiful family.
We were in Illinois (West Frankfort) at the end of March visiting my Dad. It was beautiful! We enjoyed the outdoors and beautiful weather. Stop by my blog to see what the weather is like in northern MN right now!

Tonya said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY again Bethany!!
I will have to make that pie!

Bethany said...

That cherry pie was delicious! thanks for making it for my birthday!