Monday, April 13, 2009

i'm weaving again!

about 20 years ago i enrolled in a weaving class through the art department at the university of north texas. i was in love. i wanted to change my major to weaving, but changing my major a third time and further delaying my graduation was just not a good option. not to mention the limited career opportunities with such a degree. so i continued on the art education track which gave me a wonderful overview of many art processes, but limited me to beginning classes without developing a specialty. i taught art for several years at an elementary school and for one year at a high school. i am thankful for those experiences.

fast forward. i have been blessed with a lovely family and the gift of staying home as a wife, homemaker, mother, and teacher. i am thankful for the education classes which gave me strategies and confidence to teach my own kids at home. being at home full time now gives me the opportunity to pursue some of my personal interests and i am rekindling my love of weaving. my dear husband has indulged me with all of the equipment i need and a few evenings off for guild meetings. he even overlooks the clutter that my hobbies tend to create. (thank you, mark! love you!) i joined the local weaving and spinning guild, participating in a few workshops and classes. but this is my first project really on my own. it is a good feeling.

equipment list: *pattern from Weaver's Craft ; *handbook, Warping All By Yourself by cay garrett; *lee weaver on call to answer my questions, because, in reality, i really don't want to warp all by myself! ; *10-2 cotton ordered from halcyon yarn, colors to coordinate with the brown, green, and blue eggs of our chickens (and you thought i was kidding when i wanted to decorate my kitchen in those delicious colors!); *warping frame; *loom; *sley hook; *shuttles...

i forgot to document the measuring of the warp on the warping frame, but here is the warp ready to put on the loom, the cross which keeps the warp ends in order.

the warp chain

the warp has been sleyed through the reed and is ready for the next step, threading the heddles.

my excitement over finally getting the loom warped was dampened when i discovered one misplaced thread. one.renegade.thread. enough to drive a weaver crazy! but a friend from the weaving guild with her husband came to fix the problem. they tied a string heddle so we could get that one thread in the right place. it is so nice to have a more experienced weaver to help me get back into groove of weaving

lee ann and wayne, the loom doctors.

finally. my loom warped and ready to go.

it is so fun to throw the shuttle back and forth, and watch the fabric materialize...teehee.

everyday gift: the clack of the shuttle as i work at my craft


Tonya said...

I love the new photo at the top of your blog! Love the loom project. Do you just take the shuttle and move it back and forth? Do you still have to weave it in and out manually? Show us that part please. That looks lovely. Good job!

Chris said...

Stacy! Wow. Good for you. Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. I'm looking forward to seeing those napkins (did I remember that right?) in use. Thanks for explaining the whole process to me...overwhelming. Who know it was so complicated? You amaze me. I think I'll stick to my scroll saw.

Jeremiah29:11 said...

Stacy, that's absolutely beautiful! WOW! I am so impressed with that. I'm just...speechless. You go, girl! God's given you such an eye for beauty. I enjoy your photos, and all your creative ideas!

rainydaymichele said...

You are talented! What a fantastic skill, friend. :) Love, love, LOVE your blog. :)