Sunday, May 31, 2009

may news

it seems that the cold grey days of winter have finally given way to warm sunny weather; winter did not want to let go this spring! the warm winds of may have also blown in some changes to our family... so much has been going on, life changing things, that i thought i would give an update.

*we have sold our house ...the house we built 9 years ago, the house i never thought i'd leave! but we are moving on to a new frontier just 2 miles down the road. we bought 60 acres of beautiful land, some of it wooded with a pretty little creek, and some farm land planted in corn and hay. it will be a lovely homestead after a crazy year of moving and building! we will be closing in a few weeks and moving to a rental house while our new house goes up. and i have seen God's hand in all of these details, from bringing the buyer in just the perfect timing (they flew from canada just to put an offer in on our house when they saw online that we had lowered the price) to providing a place for us to live through some special friends of ours...we will enjoy living as neighbors for the next several months and B is thrilled to be moving so close to her BFF!

*my dad has moved back from arizona! it has been so nice to have him with us. the kids have missed him the past few years while he was away. he made the long drive along with his brother ron. thankfully he was not alone when his jeep broke down outside of des moines. and i know it was God's hand that sent the two kind men to provide rides from the side of the road and then back and forth from the motel to the repair shop, strangers (angels?) doing His biding.

*after 4 years apart, mom and dad are talking. perhaps God is doing a healing work in their relationship. what once seemed impossible now seems possible! we continue to pray for God's will in their lives.

*what a blessing it has been to spend time with my uncle ron this past week. most of my life he has lived in arizona while we were in the midwest, so our contact has been very little. i enjoyed visiting with him. it was so good to remember my grandparents and share memories with him. God's hand was present as we strengthened our family ties.

*school is out and i have two straight A honor roll students! :o) C worked hard all year to reach his straight A goal after missing the award by one B last year! i am also really proud of S since this was his first year in a traditional classroom. he has always been homeschooled. B had a wonderful year of school at home. i really loved all the one-on-one time we had together. i think she made great progress in all of her subjects. it was a joy to see the way all three of them worked at their studies. Truly this great school year has been an answer to prayer, especially after such a rough time last year for C.

*S had a great time at his soccer tournaments this may. i am so thankful for young, healthy, and growing bodies. during one of the tournaments we got to stay with my cousins leslie and randy. it was real treat to visit with them. i am very blessed by my family!

*my boy scouts have advanced in rank! C is now a star scout and S is first class. i am so proud of all they have achieved in boy scouts. it is such a joy to watch my boys as they strive to "grow in wisdom, and stature, and favor with God and man." Praise God for His grace in my parenting...i feel so inadequate for the task at times, but i feel His presence and grace as He blesses my children ... sometimes inspite of me!

everyday gift: God's incredible presence in my life...such amazing grace!

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Chris said...

Your words of gratitude and joy bring a warm tear to my eye. It's great to experience God's blessings through friends!