Thursday, May 28, 2009

memorial day thoughts

this memorial day was special this year as we spent it with my dad and his brother, both veterans. we attended the ceremony at the Rock Island Arsenal to honor all the men and women who have served our country, especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. where would our country be without them? certainly not enjoying the freedoms, prosperity, and abundance that we have now.


my dad served in navy from 1961 to 1969 on the nuclear submarines U.S.S. Trigger and the U.S.S. Simone Boulevard. the kids enjoyed hearing his stories of crossing under the arctic circle and observing the soviet navy while maintaining complete silence on board for days to avoid being detected.


uncle ron joined the marine corps. fresh out of high school in 1963. he served for 4 years; 13 months of that time spent in vietnam. his patrol was one of the first to deploy into actual combat. he shared some stories of his time there; a difficult time which stays with him even forty years later. he is still saddened by the loss of his high school friend who enlisted with him. i am thankful for his service and glad that we can give him the honor that is due him, even if he did not receive it from his country at the time.

dad and uncle ron at the memorial day ceremony at the rock island arsenal and national cemetery

flag at half mast on an overcast day

the national cemetary

the kids visiting the grave site of their grandma at arsenal island. mark's dad served in the army and is therefore given the privilege of burying his wife here.

everyday gift: our brave service men and women who are keeping our country safe


Anonymous said...

Great shots at the Arsenal on Memorial Day. It really was a privilege to attend the ceremony, very impressive in their military tributes, but also in their focus on the God Who first gave us the Freedom we enjoy and cherish. No tryanny can ever take that Freedom from us. The prayers and references to Him were a huge blessing to me and I trust to many others there. God bless America! Mom

Chris said...

God has blessed us with men and women who have served and men and women who stayed behind. We are a blessed nation.