Monday, May 4, 2009

rainbow colors of spring

the trillium with its brownish red bloom

the rain cleared out after a down pour in the early hours of the morning. as the sun came out through the clouds, i couldn't resist taking a little garden walk. the silvery drops on the bleeding heart were beautiful. unfortunately, my picture does not do it justice.

red rhubarb. look at how interesting the leaf is as it pushes up through the middle, before unfolding!

the orange of the lichen stands out against the contrasting green.

i love how delicate these little yellow violets are. so sweet!

we have got a fine crop of dandelions this year! ;o)

this pretty fern-like foliage belongs to dutchman's breeches.

bloodroot...this was blooming with a pretty little white tulip-shaped flower the week before, but i did not have my camera on that hike. i like the interesting shape of the leaf.

virginia bluebells

batik dwarf iris

blue violets...i know they are called blue, but to me, they are purple!

everyday gift: the colors of the rainbow in the garden


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful garden walk I took with you just now. I cut/pasted the bluebells and was able to forward them to Norma, the flower lady! She will just love them. Me too. Love, Mom

Julie said...

Beautiful post...It brought a smile to my face (much needed BTW). Thanks!

Tonya said...

very nice, I love taking and seeing those....good job.