Monday, May 11, 2009

mother's day blessings

i have to confess. the last few months have been really hard on me. we have been so busy with all of the usual spring activities, plus the added stress of putting our house on the market and trying to keep it in a presentable condition. besides all of that, mark has been busy with additional projects at our new farm. in a nutshell, i have been maxed out. and i haven't always handled it that well. i have been impatient with the kids and mark. i have grumbled. i have even yelled...i know, hard to imagine, isn't it? ;o)

so this mother's day, i want to say that i am humbled and honored by the love that my family shows me, inspite of my shortcomings. such unconditional love reminds me WHY i am doing all that i do. i am so blessed with this family of mine. let me share a few highlights...

*sleepy-eyed girl with bed tousled hair finding me the moment she awoke to give me a hug and "happy mother's day" *the smell of a fresh bouquet of lilacs decorating the table *a hand painted "i love you" heart dish made in secret *B asking me to write out the "recipe" for baked potatoes *sitting on the couch while the kids bustle in the kitchen to cook my special dinner *an incredible fruit salad of strawberries, blueberries, mango, kiwi, watermelon, and banana! *new (much needed) garden tools *having 3 generations of mothers and daughters together! *a sunny afternoon at the art fair *a beautiful new piece of artwork, chosen with a future home in mind *chocolate strawberry shortcake for dessert *a sweet "top-secret" note of gratitude for all that i do *a bicker-free afternoon :o) *mark commenting after the dinner was planned, shopped for, prepared, eaten, and cleaned up after, "man, that's a lot of work!" (umm, right. i am aware of that, hon.)

mom with her gran'kids on mother's day

everyday gift: the privilege of being a mom


Anonymous said...

Dear Stacy and all,

For a few days, my stubborn pc would not let me go to www. anything! In the meantime, I missed 3 entries on Everydaygifts so I'm catching up with blessing! 1. The fox kits were darling albeit quick! 2. The shooting stars are very sweet and a first for me. 3. Animal Planet would do well to hire you, dear, as a photographer, but they can't have you! 4. It was a wonderful Mother's Day: God's Word preached as every Sunday, wonderful love-prepared dinner, new petunia planter for my balcony and a fun afternoon at Beau Arts Fair with my 2 favorite girls. God is sooo good and I thank Him for my wonderful family and their love, and the privilege of being.... Mom and Grammy

Anonymous said...

I know I've already been long-winded (what else is new?) but how could I miss mentioning the wonderful Court of Honor attended Monday night? The Boy Scouts awarded C & S with very prestigious awards: Star and first-class Scouts, and many well-earned badges to add to their already "busy" sashes and banners! How proud I am of them as they continue on the road to Eagle Scouts, an achievement I have no doubt they'll attain, God-willing! Congratulations to my two favorite Scouts! Grammy

rainydaymichele said...

What a sweet Mother's Day. :)