Tuesday, May 12, 2009


about half way down the road between our present home and future homestead site is a hill which is shaded by trees on both sides. there is a steep bank along one side and hidden away between the roots of the trees is a fox den, surprisingly close to the road. i suppose most cars zip on by without taking notice, the nearest house is set back far from the road, and rarely does anyone scale the side of that hill, making it a safe, albeit exposed, location for a den. mark has noticed that a little after 8 o'clock each night, just before dusk, the fox pups poke their noses out of the den and play along the ridge of the hill.

as we came home from a scout meeting last night, mark took us to the place in hopes of spotting them. i had my camera ready. window down. up over the hill...and there! two little orange pups, ears perked up, watching us watching them. oh, are they cute. but, sadly, i choked on the picture taking. they were only there for a few seconds before they bounded into the den and out of sight.

i had another sighting yesterday. i thought i heard an unusual and melodious bird song yesterday afternoon. i watched the trees until i saw it flit from one tree to another. the brilliant orange and black of the baltimore oriole. so, like every spring, i cut a few oranges and put them out on the deck. the ants seem to enjoy them, but so far, the orioles won't come near. this is the best picture i could get from a distance:

(it is no wonder that i didn't get the job at animal planet as a wildlife photographer. )

everyday gift: fox pups and orioles


Tonya said...

Hey, you did great. Those birds can be boogers to shoot! I hope I get one of those someday, but very doubtful here. :)

rainydaymichele said...

My dh and I saw a Balt. Oriole last week! I was thrilled. It was not near home though. Hope you capture yours on film. :D

Love your new header, too. Great minds think alike. :)

rainydaymichele said...

Ack! I meant I hope you capture yours on film...VISITING YOUR ORANGES. :)I see him peeking out from the branches in your picture, Stacy. You did great!