Friday, August 28, 2009

an afternoon at the park

after a morning of running errands with 4 kids...we were all ready for a break! i packed some sandwiches so we could enjoy the beautiful afternoon picnicking at the park. it was so much cooler than the normal temperatures of august and the sun was shining! so i sat in the shade munching on doritos and sipping snapple peach tea while the kids ran off the energy which had accumulated while they were "being quiet and not running" in the carpet store!
we rule the merry-go-round!

oops! bad picture, moving too fast!

the zip line
(although after his summer camp excitement, S was not impressed by this. lol.)

everyday gift: an afternoon at the park


Tonya said...

Hey, that looks fun! Have you been enjoying practicing your new macro camera setting?? See you soon.

Anonymous said...

that was painfull ugh!

SSS t t
S ttt ttt
SSS ccc ooo t t
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SSS ccc ooo t t

stacy said...

yes, i know, dear scott. the playground does not impress you anymore, but i appreciate you being a good sport! :o)

Chris said...

It look fun to me! Next time bring me and I'll help you eat those Doritos!