Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the lemonade stand

B has really enjoyed having her friend live just a few doors down for the summer. they are constantly scootering back and forth between the houses, having popsicles, than checking at the other's house to hopefully have another one. (yes, B. i'm on to you!) last week they launched their lemonade business. that kept them busy for days, cleaning out the play house, making signs, gathering supplies, advertising in the neighborhood, and minding the stand.

the lemonade was as sweet as the memories being made.

i thought 10 c was a bargain, so i gave a little in the tip jar, too. ;o)

everyday gift: a summertime lemonade stand


Tonya said...

so fun!! love your new photo up there, really cool!!

Chris said...

Ten cents is cheap! What are the hours of operation? I'll be there with some for the tip jar as well!