Tuesday, August 4, 2009

progress on our new house

i am finally getting these pictures off the camera and into the computer (thanks, S!). i did my best to put them in order, but blogger doesn't always cooperate. it is so amazing to see the house that mark and i dreamed up on some scratch paper at the kitchen table actually take shape with concrete, lumber and nails. we can walk through the rooms at this point and really have a feel for the flow of the house and we love it. it has a very spacious and open feel. the view from the back of the house is beautiful countryside...someday a lake? but wait, i am getting ahead of things!
lumber delivered and ready to go...please don't rain!

basement walls are done

view of the back walk-out basement

framing is underway

the trusses are up

nice view of blue skies with cotton clouds!

view of the back of the house

looking into the dining room and through to the kitchen from the great room.
door from dining room to deck.

skylight in the kitchen

front view of the house
everyday gift: dreams taking shape


Chris said...

Yeah, you got your sky light! I love the birdhouse gourd twirleys.

Barb said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh, Joy! Now you're cookin'!! Love, Mom