Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the gourd project continues

when it all began, i had no idea where it would lead. B and i reading a story about slaves seeking freedom by following the stars north: the big dipper or the drinking gourd. a friend had some old gourds she had dried for bird houses and she graciously shared one with us so we could cut it open and see how a water dipper might be made. B planted the seeds in dixie cups and watered them faithfully. she planted the sprouts in the ground and they have rewarded her in a big way! she now has visions of selling gourds at the farmer's market, making bird houses, and wonders if you can roast and eat the seeds like pumpkin seeds...the learning goes on, from history to botany to economics to bird house construction to cooking!

if anyone ever wonders, THIS is why i love homeschooling: the curiosity and wonder that lead to learning. we have gazed at the stars and imagined what it might have been like to travel at night using the stars as a map, hiding in fear of being returned to slavery. we have tasted a drink of cool water from a gourd that we hollowed ourselves. we have watched the miracle of sprouting seeds that turn into a gigantic vine laden with dozens of baby gourds. and we ponder the possibilities of the future.

flowering vine with baby gourd

tendrils reaching and climbing

vines on the wren house

B with her baby

everyday gift: growing and learning

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