Tuesday, April 22, 2008

hosanna with her new lamb

another miracle occurred on sunday and this time we got to watch. it was an amazing moment, one i am sure the kids will never forget. this is hosanna's first lamb and she is doing an incredible job. it is so amazing how she knows exactly what to do! we have named the lamb shalom because she was born the day after passover. and by now we have figured out that the papa is jericho, our black shetland ram, that scoundrel!

everyday gift: the miracle of new life


Amy said...

WOW!! You have a barn full now!! Three little lambs!! What a surprise! So this is what your ram is up to when you're all not paying attention, hey?

Anonymous said...

From Grammy. I was privileged to arrive at the farm just minutes before the big event. It is wonderful how Hosanna's SHEPHERD created in her all the necessary info so she could birth and care for her little "almost black lamb"! He is truly an awesome God.