Thursday, April 24, 2008

sweet violets

i love violets. they are so humble. they don't require any special treatment. they are one of the first to greet me every spring. i love their color, not as common as the blue variety. these violets are so prolific that they are threatening to take over my herb garden, but i just can't bear to weed them out. i will have to transplant them to another location or give them to other gardening friends. that is how i got them in the first place. a dear woman at my church, and incredible gardener i might add, shared these with me a few years ago. and she told me the story of the old friend, now with the Lord, who shared them with her. the family's farm was only a few miles from here.

i would like my life to be like these sweet violets. oh, that i would humbly share joy with others without demanding anything in return. not like the hot house flowers who wilt and pout without the perfect conditions. and may the joy i share spark a chain reaction in others to give joy as well.

everyday gift: sweet violets spreading joy

1 comment:

Amy said...

ooh but I think this IS like your life!! You are certainly a violet to me!

Happy Spring, dear friend!