Wednesday, April 30, 2008

a sad morning

we lost jubilee's lambs. one light and one dark. i found her at 6 am in the middle of the birth of the second lamb. it appears that the lamb did not present properly. i pulled gently at the already dead lamb and it was then born. poor jubilee. she began the process of cleaning her unresponsive lamb. her first lamb was nearby, born sometime in the night. it also did not survive.

jubilee is mourning her lambs. she is baaing a sad call to them as she wanders out to the pasture, then to the shed, then back to the birthing place looking for them.

lessons on the farm are not always easy. but even while we are feeling the sadness of the loss, we can't help but smile at the 3 lambs we have, frolicking, leaping, and chasing each other around the pasture. and now i am keeping a watchful eye on bathsheeba, the last ewe to lamb, praying she doesn't have any difficulty.


Amy said...

aww what a sad morning indeed. It does make us treasure those that we have with us, though, doesn't it? I wonder if Jubilee is praying to God, "why me?" right now?

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad to hear of Juilee's double loss. I do wonder if she will try to claim the other lambs for her own. It's so wonderful how her Good Shepherd created that instinct in her to want to nurture the lambs. He'll comfort her, I'm sure. Love to all, Mom

deleise said...

Oh that breaks my heart!