Wednesday, April 16, 2008

muddy love

the sun shone yesterday and keeping the kids inside for school was a challenge to say the least. so after dinner, dishes cleared, the threesome ran down to see how their fort in the creek has fared over the winter. i settle on the couch with my book, hoping to get in a chapter or two.

my thoughts were pulled from the pages with a distant cry. did i hear something? were they happy sounds? angry sounds? hopefully not hurt sounds. i strain to listen...there it is again. B.

i step out on the deck to see what the problem is. through the pasture i see B slogging home with S beside her, arm around her. (okay, i am not happy that B may be hurt, but that sight is beautiful to a mama's eyes!)

as they reach the garage, the story unfolds...B with her rubber boots on, had stepped into the creek, feet sinking into the muck. in an attempt to free her feet she lost her balance and sat down, feet still stuck! so she comes to me with hands caked in mud, a wet brown bottom, and boots heavy with mud. she washes her hands in the garage sink and takes off her boots. i lead her into the laundry room and she sheds her clothes. wrapped in a towel, she heads for the shower, still sobbing. i was able to help her all the way into the shower without cracking a smile! B is not happy if she thinks she is not taken seriously! ;o)

still in the garage are two muddy boys. C has mud-caked tennis shoes and thorn scratches on his hands from the rescue effort. S also has the muddy evidence of the drama. so they really do love their sister...i suspected it all along!

well, so much for my book, better get to that muddy laundry...

everyday gift: brotherly, muddy, love

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Amy said... they wouldn't leave her to die in the mud, huh? Well, that's something! Poor, poor, B. I would imagine a cup of cocoa and a warm blanket might help her mood a bit.