Friday, April 18, 2008

jeepers creepers...

where'd you get them peepers...

a few sundays ago we were dashing out the door to go church, when we got "the call." it was the post office distribution center, "ummm, we have your...ummm, package here and it's...peeping."

so after a quick change of clothes, i was off to pick up our new babies. the hatchery ships them within 24 hours of hatching and we need to pick them up from the post office ASAP to get them under their warming lights. i rang the bell at the back door of the warehouse and waited for the worker to bring my package out, 48 fuzz balls in one box!

already the feathers are replacing the fluff. they are trying out their wings and learning to roost. those chicks are eating us out of house and home but in just a few months they'll be earning their keep and giving us wonderfully fresh eggs!

this year our coop will be filled with:

rhode island reds
white rocks
partridge rocks
silver laced wyandottes
and araucanas (the easter egg chicken laying pastel colored eggs!)

everyday gift: peeping chicks!

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Amy said...

awww!!! How fun!!