Tuesday, April 29, 2008


about 2 weeks ago we spent the morning in the garden planting sunflower seeds in peat pots. we were so thankful for the warm sunny day. we also painted watercolor pictures of the flowers. i made a quick stop by the grocery store florist for a few stems of sunflowers to paint from life, but they had mostly roses and carnations, no sunflowers. so we had to settle for using pictures from our gardening books and the seed packets. i thought they did a beautiful job.

S's painting. (he added the latin name of the sunflower)

B's painting (this is definitely the mammoth variety!)

everyday gift: homeschool in the garden...gardenschool? ;o)


Anonymous said...

My dear S and B, What beautiful paintings of the wonderful sunflower. I'm so proud of the way you two work together to have a great schoolday. B, I think I would like a sunflower on one of my notecards you're getting ready for me. How about it? I love you guys a whole bunch and your big brother C too! As ever, Grammy

Amy said...

Wow, did S ever get the artistic talent from his mother or what?! I LOVE the planting, I LOVE the kids out in the sunshine, ohhhh, my envious little self!!

What glorious childhoods you are giving these children, Stacy!