Friday, April 18, 2008


i watched from the window as raindrops began to fall. the animals were making a beeline from the pasture to the shed. i am so glad we spent yesterday morning in the garden sketching tulips and crocus into our nature journals because today promises to be colder and stormy. i checked the weather again about a half an hour later, and couldn't believe my eyes! there was a newborn lamb in the shed! i hollered to the kids, grabbed the camera and cell phone, pulled on my boots and headed to the shed. S ran ahead and announced not one, but two lambs! we watched in awe as the still wet and wobbly lambs bleated for their mama and searched for her warmth and milk. what a precious sight to behold. roxie is such a sweet mama, nudging, cleaning, bleating softly to them. what an unexpected blessing! you see, our rams are wethers (castrated)! so miracles do happen!
i think this lamb is a ram. it is all white with a few black spots.

roxie with her babies. the one on the left has a prominent black spot on its leg, it is a ewe lamb, her brother is on the right, with a spot on its neck.

B with one of the new lambs. she threw a sweatshirt over her p.j.'s to greet the new arrivals!

everyday gift: newborn lambs


Anonymous said...

Stacy!! Congrats...can't wait to come out and see exciting!

Amy said...

WOW!!! THat is soooo cool!! What an exciting event to have as a surprise!!