Saturday, May 31, 2008


the last week of school C was very evasive when i asked him about his homework. he said he had a few finals to study for and something else, but don't worry about it, he's got it under control. and then a sly grin. (he never could hide when he was up to something!) up in his room he was hard at work on the mystery, coming downstairs every now and then for a glue stick, construction paper, now sculpty clay. thurday it was finally unveiled! in lou of a final exam in Bible class, the teacher allowed them to do a final project of their choice. C chose the project, but admitted later that the test would have taken a lot less time! his creation: BIBOPOLY! he amazes me sometimes!

you start the game on the first square, where else but Genesis; and free parking is "the sabbath: free resting"; instead of going to jail you go to the "lion's den"; hot properties are jericho, bethleham, and jerusalem; instead of community chest and chance you draw cards from "covenant" and "commandment".

the game markers are the ark of the covenant, the commandment tablets, the Bible, and a staff/snake.

everyday gift: incredible creativity

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