Wednesday, May 21, 2008

a day at the soccer field

highlights from a day of soccer: families in lawn chairs watching their kids, cheers from the crowds at a goal scored or a deflated "good try", corn dogs for lunch, gaterade, plenty of sunshine, red faces on tired boys, strong legs carrying kids across the field, good sportsmanship all around, dad giving his love in the form of time spent coaching (a priceless gift!)...

coach dad giving instructions to the team

S waiting for the kick

(i am quite certain that i will not be hearing from ESPN for my action video and sports reporting!)

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Anonymous said...

What a gift for me too, to watch 3 bright, healthy kids running for all they're worth after the coveted soccer ball. Such a joy with thanksgiving for their energy and good sportsmanship. I love you guys! By the way, the photos are great.
Love, Grammy