Monday, May 12, 2008

rare sightings

rose-breasted grosbeak visiting our feeder

elusive morel mushroom

mark washing dishes

mother's day brought many rare sights and blessings...mark and the kids grilled steaks for my mom and me and topped the meal off by cleaning up the kitchen. this was quite a sacrifice for mark who proclaimed shortly after we were married, "i don't do dishes." (now, before you think ill of him, you must know that this man never stops working! the kitchen is really out of his comfort zone, but that's okay, as long as i don't have to mow our acres of grass.)

so as i sat on the couch, overstuffed from dinner, listening to the clatter of clean up in the kitchen, i had the chance to count my blessings: 3 beautiful children who give me the privilege of motherhood, handmade cards filled with messages of love, surprise gifts of cashews (my favorite!) and sweet william bedding plants for my garden, and a loving husband who dips his hands in the dishwater to give me a break from my daily work.

everyday gift: sacrificial love gift

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