Friday, May 9, 2008

music to my ears

i am trying to document these days and events of my life but they are so fleet. they disappear as quickly as they come like the notes from the piano. they ring loud and clear and linger in my mind, but then they are gone. sometimes the tempo is so fast, i have trouble hearing each individual note. sometimes a wrong note is played and it gives me a jolt. sometimes the music is soothing and i never want it to end, this music that is my life.
i have watched these three struggle over these notes, play them again and again, and finally master them! and on this night they are on display, nerves making them jumpy, wondering if they will make a mistake. they are filling our home with music, the music of their love and laughter and life...oh, and the piano, too! i am praising God for the music of our lives and praying that He will be glorified in all that we do.
B playing Owl in the Night by rollin and Oh Susannah (folk song)

S playing Go Tell Aunt Rody (folk song) and Brown Bag Boogie by kowalchyk/lancaster
C at the piano playing Changing Trains by cooper and Jungle Fever by rollin

B with her piano teacher

everyday gift: the music of our lives

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Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures of that great piano recital!! All three did excellent jobs with their respective tunes. Their teacher, Mrs. C, is such a dear thing and loves her students to "pieces"! (get it?) They must bow after their performance and the rumor is, they must pay her a dollar if they forget to do that! They all have no fear of getting up to play before an audience, large or small; great training for their lives ahead. What a treasure each of them is! Certainly gifts from Above. Love, Grammy