Saturday, May 31, 2008

critters R us

mark came home from work the other day to find yet another jar on the kitchen island, bringing our critter count to approximately 30 ants in an ant farm, 1 caterpillar transforming into a chrysalis, and 15 tadpoles...

i can't believe you all put up with my terrible photography, but this is the best shot i have of one of our little fellers.

now that the water has settled and cleared we are finding all kinds of interesting life forms in our puddle water! (praying that they aren't mosquito larva!)

everyday gift: muddy toes and tadpoles


Anonymous said...

Words just don't cover the joy of your creativity that I'm feeling! What a ton o' work you put into your project. When can I come over and play it?? Keep on thinking of cool, hard things to do and you'll go as far as your wonderful Lord intends! I love you. Your Grammy

Anonymous said...

Tadpoles!! How cool are they! I used to catch them in Knoke's Woods in Appleton, some of them were big! I'm sure your friend, T, was happy to be there to help you with "pulling them in". And I hope you were able to get your feet clean again! :-) I love you! Your Grammy