Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Do Hard Things ~ by alex & brett harris

i bought this book to give as a high school graduation gift next weekend. and could not put it down. (shhh...don't tell, i didn't crease any pages or anything!) i am very impressed with this book and will probably purchase many more copies before all is said and done!
Do Hard Things is written by two 19 year old brothers who have in fact already done hard things and believe that teens should apply themselves toward that same goal. the book challenges our culture's expectations of those between the ages of 13 and 19.
it was not until the early part of the twentieth century that we even recognized this age group as a separate group at all. until then you were a child until you began to grow into an adult sized body with adult capabilities. at that time you were expected to take up adult responsibilities. when child labor laws* were passed and education was mandated through high school*, childhood was in essence extended to age 18. teenagers, as they became known, where exempt from many responsibilities and these adult-like children (or childish-acting adults?) emerged. this book takes a critical look at that viewpoint: challenging young adults to pursue worthy goals and activities; and challenging adults to think of our teens in a new way; raising expectations and helping them accomplish great things, living up to their capabilities and potential rather than wasting those years.
the most startling thing to me is that i will have a teenager under my roof in 6 months! this is definitely a book i will have C read. i want to see him rise up to his potential and do hard things during his teen years!
*i am in no way disputing the need for both of these things.


Anonymous said...

I'm crazy about the lilac picture!! You can almost smell them! What a photographer you are!
The book looks wonderful and I have a grad. gift to buy too. I hope I don't have to send for it, but can just pick it up this week. Thanks for the tip. Love, Mom

Amy said...

Wow, exactly the sort of book I need in our home about now. I'm trying so desperately to raise a child that understands his talents are to be used for God, and not to earn money to buy more video games. Thank you for this recommendation!! I'll put it on my list!!