Saturday, July 19, 2008

ben delatour scout ranch

i have posted all about my week with B while the guys were gone: baking cookies, tea parties, and our trip to the little house in the big woods of wisconsin. now, i am finally getting around to posting the boys' adventure. these are pictures they took and obviously, i wasn't there, so i can not give you much commentary. but i think most of the pictures speak for themselves...they had a fantastic time! (but i am so glad they are home!)
mark with C and S in colorado

the old homestead site

i wonder why they call them the "rocky" mountains?

they t00k an over night trail ride, sleeping in tepees up on the mountain.

saddled up and ready to go

the wrangler who told stories around the campfire was very entertaining, they say!

some of the boys working on merit badge homework

C shooting archery

everyday gift: an adventure in the mountains

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Amy said...

What fun!!! The memories your boys make WITH their dad is so awesome!! I love how involved he is, I love that they can do these things together and create such wonderful experiences!!