Wednesday, July 30, 2008

pink yarrow

my yarrow has become completely unruly out in the garden! it has grown so tall and so full of flowers that it is falling over the little fence that i put up to support it. it is covering up my shasta daisies and other flowers. i decided it was time to cut them back, maybe i will get a second bloom. here is just a portion of the flowers that i cut drying in my dining room.

achillea millefolium rosea

i have read that yarrow actually has potent healing powers and was so named, achillea, because achilles used it to heal many of his wounded warriors after the battle of troy. it is supposed to have the ability to staunch blood flow. interesting. i simply grow it because it is pretty.
everyday gift: bringing the garden indoors

1 comment:

tonia said...

how lovely!

i have bunches of mint drying around the house...but i wish i had something pink and pretty! :)