Thursday, July 17, 2008

the gate

when you are a mother and you suddenly notice that your children are too quiet and unaccounted for, you must investigate...and hope for the best. yesterday, that is exactly what i found, my kids at their best. now, do not think for a moment that they have shiny halos above their heads! a blog gives the author the luxury of posting only what she wants to expose to the world. and i have used my blog to focus on the many positives things in my life and record the blessings.

yesterday, as a surprise to B, C decided to build a gate for the bunny fence. she had been struggling to get in and out of the fence to feed and water nelly and it also did not latch very securely. he constructed a very sturdy gate which opens and closes with ease. then he helped B move bricks to line the inside of the pen, where nelly seems intent on tunneling to freedom. finally, they mulched the spots where nelly has dug. B was so tickled that she wanted to kiss C. he thought just saying 'thank you' would do!

i am so thankful for moments like these; when a brother spends his summer day working on a project to help his sister; when siblings, who can be experts at annoying each other, work side by side; when family love is expressed in very practical ways. i celebrate these events because it isn't always so peaceful here. in fact, as i type this, i am hearing a disturbance beginning to erupt. oh well, let me look at these pictures again and go remind the kids that they do love each other!

brother helping sister while bunny lounges in the shade

nelly, you are a very spoiled little bunny!
everyday gift: big brothers

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Anonymous said...

How happy you made your little sister!! That is one fine gate and I'm sure Nelly is as happy about it as a bunny gets!
B, be thinking about something you can surprise C with, and maybe also S. You are all my very special gifts. Love/Hugs, Grammy