Thursday, July 31, 2008

walkin' this path together

sunday afternoon mark and i walked our woods together. he has been talking to a forestry manager and he wanted to show me some of the things he has been learning about rejuvenating our woods. we will be logging some of the older trees, clearing out some scrub trees, and planting new trees as well. it is so fun to see how excited mark is. all year he has been planning and working at improving our 60 acres. he has planted food plots for wild life, put areas surrounding the woods in a conservation program, and has been busy pulling all the abandoned cars out of the creek! we still have a lot of clean up to do.

as we hiked through the trees, me following his lead, i was so thankful that we are walkin' this path together. we are dreaming of our house on the edge of the woods; of a clean creek winding through our land; of a view of the lake out our window; it was a sweet afternoon...and to think, i might have missed it to sit on the couch with my book...

umm, honey? why are you taking a picture of our feet?

never mind, just stand still a minute, will ya?

everday gift: a walk in the woods

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Amy said...

You know how much I pray that someday I will have a marraige like the one you share with Mark. All the ups and downs, all the compromises and forgivenesses, all the love and joy and togetherness.

God bless you both.