Sunday, July 13, 2008

First Light ~ bodie and brock thoene

i just finished reading the first in this historical fiction series by bodie and brock thoene. it is a wonderful book, full of all that makes a great story: love, betrayal, drama, action, friendship, and sacrifice...but it also has truth. what a beautiful picture it gives of Jesus as he walked among us. oh, what it must have been like to live and see Jesus in the flesh; to see him heal; to hear him teach; to look upon him, and even more significantly, for Him to look upon me with eyes of divine love; to witness the dawning of the Son at First Light! also, it gave me a clearer understanding of the political climate that existed and the complex relationships between the ruling factions. the thoenes have created a book that is at once an historical book, meticulously researched, and a story with so much heart.

next i'll be reading Second Touch. already the prologue has grabbed me!

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