Friday, July 25, 2008

save the butterflies!

swallowtail caterpillar on bronze fennel

notice the newly emerged butterfly drying its wings on the lattice in the background


Friday, while weeding the dill from the Shetland Meadow Flower Beds, Stacy Z****, gardener, discovered Swallowtail caterpillars thriving on the plant. After the discovery was made, the Z**** Children requested an injunction which would prohibit the removal of all dill from the garden as a protective measure for the young butterflies. The insect has currently been placed under the Wildlife Protection Act and will remain so throughout the summer, unless further action is taken.

Ms. Z**** is alarmed at the invasive nature of the herb, aptly named dill’weed’, and has appealed the measure which prevents the removal of the plant. When asked about the situation, Ms. Z**** replied, “I’m all for butterflies, you know. I don’t have anything against them, but the weed is taking over my flower beds. I hope a compromise can be reached which will save the butterflies and my garden, too.”

The appeal suggests that the dill be transplanted to the Butterfly Garden Sanctuary, south of the afore mentioned Flower Beds. The sanctuary would be designated as a wildlife preserve, restricting the destruction of insect habitat. A decision is pending research probing the effects of such a move on the development of the caterpillars. Mr. Z****, judge, should reach a decision on the Caterpillar Relocation Act in the next few days.

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i wrote this tongue-in-cheek article to a friend a few years ago and thought of it this week as i was again weeding dill out of my flower bed and yes, the caterpillars are back, too.

everyday gift: sharing my herbs with caterpillars

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