Saturday, November 8, 2008

Anne of Green Gables

last week we had the opportunity to see Anne of Green Gables at the theater, my mom and karla joined us. a few of B's keeper friends were also there with their moms, making it a really fun girls' night!
playcrafters allows charitable groups to sell tickets to their dress rehearsals, benefiting 100% from the sale. this time it was the boys' school.

playcrafters is celebrating their 80th season! when it began, they performed where ever they could. it wasn't until 1960 that the barn was donated to the community group. i love going to the barn. they have most certainly enriched our community with their theatre.

the stage is literally in the loft of the old barn.
i love the high ceiling with it's rafters showing.
this place definitely has a lot of atmosphere!

girls' night out :o)

chatting before the play begins

ordering hot chocolate after the play... never mind that it is 10:15 pm...

B with anne, played by our piano teacher's daughter. she did a wonderful job!

everyday gift: a girl's night at the theater

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Marci said...

I wish I could have seen that. What a wonderful place to visit!!