Thursday, November 20, 2008

a roller coaster day

what a day. it started out just fine. the boys were out the door on time after a scrambled egg breakfast, lunch boxes in hand, homework complete. B cheerfully began her school time. and then i looked out the window. the bunny gate stood open. just a crack, but open wide enough for an escape. while B worked quietly on her math, i slipped outside to check, and sure enough, the hutch was empty. i quickly walked the yard and around the house. no sign of miss nelly. my heart sank at the thought of breaking the news to B. i waited until she finished up her work before telling her that i could not find nelly. she jumped to her feet and set out hopefully to find her. i could hear her outside calling and bribing her with a carrot. i joined her in the search but i must say, i was rather pessimistic about finding her. i tried to be positive, but her optimistic calls became frantic and than she began to sob.
there is nothing worse for a mother than to see her child's heart breaking. i hugged her, rocked her, told her we'd wait and see, suggested setting the coon trap with a carrot, maybe she'd show up tonight. and we prayed.
a little while later, i glanced outside toward the hutch...and i saw a miracle. she was back in her hutch munching on her bunny chow. thank you, Lord! i shed tears for the second time in one day over a bunny.
B with the prodigal bunny
so after a very traumatic episode, we moved on with some fun. tonight was B's night for' (that is: Kids In the Kitchen, in case you missed it last time). she planned her menu and had a wonderful time cooking up our dinner. and it was so yummy. i tried not to hover as she used the paring knife to make the fruit salad, or stirred the cheese sauce on the stove top. she really did a great job.

today's dinner special:
ham, shell macaroni and cheese, corn, fruit salad

chef B checking on the pasta, ahh, yes. al dente. perfecto!
slicing strawberries for the fruit salad

everyday gift: a small miracle in answer to the prayers of a child


Anonymous said...

My heart was in my mouth as I read about the runaway bunny and her return!! Thank Heavens she got hungry and knew where to go!

The dinner looked yummy. I think B might end up an excellent cook (or maybe she already is!!) Way to go, Girlie!

I love you!! Grammy

Chris said...

Rejoicing with you! And dinner looked great.

Froma thankful heart, Chris