Monday, November 3, 2008

raccoon woods

mark was busy on sunday getting our new barn site ready for the concrete. the kids and i brought some sandwiches out to him for a picnic. the weather was much warmer than i expected, so shedding our sweatshirts, we set off to explore the autumn woods.

hmmmm, a hole in this old tree....

and look who S found looking back at him! sorry to have disturbed your sleep!
photo by S, nice job!

these are interesting fungi,
little puff balls that send spores into the air when you give them a poke.

beautiful lichen on decaying branches

my two hikers

everyday gift: surprises along the nature trail


Tonya said...

fun! i hope one day we can venture through your woods!!

Anonymous said...

What a cool dude to find in your tree!! Good huntin'! Love, Grammy