Thursday, November 13, 2008

a fox in a box

isn't this a beautiful fox? someone witnessed him being hit by a car and gave it to my father in law, joe, who loves foxes. he took it to the taxidermist who created this beautiful glass table. apparently joe had no place to put it, so we inherited it. (now i live in fear that my wild active boys will somehow break it!)

i must say, it has come in handy during our school time twice. first while reading dr. seuss, and now as a specimen for our science study!

B has written a nice report on foxes and we are working on a sketch of a fox by its den.
earlier this week, mark had a holiday from work, so he was home at lunch time while we were reading Vulpes aloud. the chapter described vulpes with his mate, fulva in their den with their litter of pups. after i was finished reading, mark calmly says, "i can show you a fox den, if you want." what do you mean, "if i want?!?" of course i do! how perfect would that be as we are finishing up our science lessons on canines? so mark took us out to the woods where he had spotted an old fox den while he was scouting for deer. i love it when little details like this come together and make our learning such an adventure!

B peering down the old fox den, never mind the cold and rain!

everyday gift: another learning adventure

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Lynn said...

Stacy, that table is amazing. Really. I agree with you about concern that your active (LOL) boys might do it harm. My boys could always manage to destroy the indestructable.

I would like to see a fox hole too.