Friday, November 14, 2008' on thursday = Kids In the Kitchen

my dear friend amy has inspired me by having her son do the cooking sometimes, calling those special nights'. i have set aside thursday nights at our house. while it is all in good fun, i think it is also some serious learning for the kids. there are so many kids who grow up not knowing how to cook because they were never given the opportunity to try or maybe because they grew up eating meals out of the freezer, box, or drive through. so i was glad to see S's enthusiasm when i presented the plan.

S was our first guest chef last night. he got to choose the menu with a few criteria: 1) it has to be something that can be cooked with little supervision. 2) it has to be a somewhat healthy and balanced meal. 3) it can not be lobster. S chose this menu:

shrimp and broccoli alfredo with bowtie pasta
crescent rolls

impressive, huh? it was pretty simple with a jar of sauce and pre-cooked frozen shrimp. he chopped the broccoli, boiled the pasta, and assembled the ingredients, cracked open the tube of rolls, and poured the applesauce into a serving bowl ~ presentation is everything, ya know. ;o) and it was delicious! his staff, C & B, set and cleared the table.

yeah, i think i'm going to like' !

everyday gift: family gathered around the dinner table


Tonya said...

Let me just say that I am so proud of you. I have always said that by the time my kids are all in highschool I won't have a day left to cook! :) D cooks lunch very often but I got out of the evenings and will be glad to get that evening a week going. I love Next year though and will details on how you implement that into a easy grocery list plan. Can't wait to try those pumpkin recipes next year too!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Chef S! Sounds really good. I'm impressed! I'll take shrimp over lobster any day. Be careful not to burn yourself! Love, grammy

Chris said...

Can we come over? ☺

Amy said...

I will take all credit, but no blame for Kids In Charge of the Kitchen Night. For all the years LM has been doing this, I fear we've made little progress. I'm not sure I can take another Thursday where my grocery money goes down the drain (disposal) literally!!