Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cranberry Thanksgiving

i began using Five in a Row unit studies in our home school when C was in first grade, 6 years ago! it has been our tradition to revisit Cranberry Thanksgiving as part of our thanksgiving celebration every year. we also read Molly's Pilgrim, and Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving, among others. we watched a travel video about massachusetts which gave us a tour of a cranberry bog and the many historic sites.

the cranberry bread turned out delicious. it was good with a little cream cheese. we baked it in two small loaf pans instead of one so that A could take some with her for her family's thanksgiving dinner. ( they will be having their dinner at the hospital as her brother has been very sick with lymphoma. please pray for bryce!)

B and her friend, A, rinsing and sorting the cranberries in the "bog"
they also enjoyed the bounce test!
did you know, that the blossom of the cranberry reminded the pilgrims of the cranes who waded in the marshes. they called the fruit "crane berries," later shortened to "cranberries".
cranberries are one of the few native fruits to north america. blueberries and concord grapes are the others. it is amazing the things you learn when you are a home school mama! ;o)

chopped cranberries

nice job cracking the egg!

in goes the orange zest, it smelled so good, so....well, zesty!

... don't forget the clean up!

everyday gift: tangy tart cranberries


rainydaymichele said...

Mmmmm.....I love cranberries. And I didn't know how they got their name. Now I do! Hope you had a nice TGiving!

Tonya said...

oh stacy. how can i express how precious this blog is to me with my little girl getting to help and enjoy that book with you and b. the pics are great and i felt specially likened to the one at the sink..very nice! thanks for including her. all my thanks and love to you.

your very good and grateful friend,