Monday, November 3, 2008

saturday with my american girl

after reading the book, The Saturdays, B began dreaming of her very own saturday to go and do something really special. she wanted to see the american girl place in chicago. after all, she has been doing extra chores and saving her money for the kit doll ever since seeing the movie this summer. she was about half way to her goal of $90. she dumped her kleenex box out to count her savings: 2 $10's, 2 5's, 11 $1's, 28 quarters, 2 dimes, and 8 pennies = $48.28. i was amazed. i didn't think it was realistic that she could make it that far! i would have let her go further, but i wanted us to make this special trip before the christmas rush, so i gave a donation toward her goal, and loaned her the remainder. she will fold clothes at 50¢ a load, vacuum the living room, and clean the guest bathroom in the weeks to come to pay for her debt.

B and kirsten, buckled up and ready for the trip

B and kirsten outside of the american girl place, water tower place, chicago

oh. my. look at all those red bags!

beautiful glass elevators in water tower place.
oh, the funny feeling in your tummy as you fly up to the seventh floor!

we had pasta for lunch at the california pizza oven

(thanks, mom!)

chicago's old water tower

pigeons everywhere!

seeing horses made the trip complete for B!

horses and carriages lined up
we had a fabulous time! i really cherish these specials times we can have, "just the girls". B's expression was priceless as she shopped and gazed at the beautiful displays for each of the historical dolls. and the store clerk's expression was also priceless when B pulled out her purse and dumped her money on the counter to pay! ;o)

everyday gift: my american girl and her dolls


Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun we had!! Kit and Kirsten now sisters and both blonde! :-) (noted by B)Can't be thankful enough to be able to go on such a wonderbar excursion with MY two girls!! Love always, Grammy XXOO

Amy said...

What a sweet sweet trip and what wonderful memories for all FOUR of you!!