Sunday, August 10, 2008

college for kids

C was invited to participate in the community college's annual "college for kids" this summer. he selected his top picks from a variety of class choices including extreme engineering:

he constructed a bridge and then tested it for strength and endurance. his bridge held 30 pounds! the center portion of the bridge rotated to allow for barge traffic.

book making:

he enjoyed making books from a variety of materials including paper bags, envelopes, and collage materials. his favorite is the one with the tie-dyed cover.

and finally, animal dissection...don't worry, i don't have any pictures of that! ;o) but he did enjoy that class very much.

everyday gift: kids who love to learn


Amy said...

That is all soooo cool!! I can just see C enjoying every bit of it! Well done, C!! Very cool bridge!

tonia said...

how fun!! what an engineer you have there!