Sunday, August 24, 2008

these are not used cars...

they are pre-owned.

mark has been pulling these old cars out of the creek, trying to clean things up. it is sad that the previous owners treated this land like a dump, but i must say, these cars had value in entertainment as well as scrap metal!

"i'm sorry officer. i had no idea i was going so fast. i'll slow down, i promise"

this car was only driven once a week to church by granny, really.

am i the only one who is disturbed by the fact that this oldsmobile is riddled with bullet holes???

"dad, can i have the car keys tonight?"

well, we found where they hid the get away car. now all we have to do is uncover that briefcase filled with a million dollars in unmarked bills.

everyday gift: sharing laughter

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Lynn said...

I love the comments under the pictures. Very cute!!

I have passed an award on to you, so if you have time for it, come on over. ~:-D