Wednesday, August 27, 2008

recipe for a sweater ~ part 1

step one: get a sheep...or a llama...or both. :o)

meeting amazon and roxie for the first time. "hey, whatcha got in that bucket?"

jericho, shetland wether

in 2005, we decided to add livestock to our little farm. so we bought several llamas and sheep. we searched the internet, library, and country friends for information about raising our new charges. and what a joy they turned out to be. they added an element of adventure to our family. we discovered that llamas have such a peculiar personality that always keeps us entertained! they do a good job of guarding our sheep from coyotes. we found our sheep to be so sweet, gentle and woolly! we also found that if you have sweet feed, a sheep will follow you anywhere.

our flock increased the very next month since both amazon, our cinnamon colored llama and roxie, our cheviot ewe were expecting. amazon gave us andes, an all white crea and roxie had a ram lamb that we named snowflake. with our growing flock i began to wonder what i would do with all that wool.

to be continued...


Chris said...

Oh the anticipation.... What did you do with all that wool?

ben said...

What will you do with all that wool? When will you put on Part 2 ?