Wednesday, August 13, 2008

eggs in my basket

one of the most rewarding projects since moving to our little farm has been to raise our own flock of laying hens. i was not prepared for how incredibly wonderful farm fresh eggs really are! i always thought an egg was an egg. not true! our fresh eggs are so rich and thick, the yolk is a brilliant yellow. they also make my baked goods so much better.

this is our chicken coop which i call the "taj mahal"! when mark agreed to build me a coop, i think he had something else in mind. the plans i choose ended up being quite costly and involved, but it is really nice with a separate feed storage room, a door to the nesting boxes, windows, side flaps that open for easy cleaning, and of course, a window box, that was my idea. ;o)

this is part of our little flock consisting of 5 old layers, and about 25 new chicks. i love seeing a lot of color out in the yard so we always keep a variety of chickens: rhode island reds, plymouth barred rocks, buff, white, and partridge rocks, silver-laced wyandotes, and araucanas.

nesting boxes with fresh straw

we are beginning to find a few small eggs in the nesting boxes, about 2/3's the size of our regular eggs, so we knew they were from our new spring chicks...but which ones? B solved the mystery when she came in yesterday holding the still warm egg against her cheek. she had witnessed it being laid by one of the silver-laced wyandotes!

one of our faithful layers, showing the chicks how it's done

silver-laced wyandote

oh, look at the beautiful feathers!

everyday gift: eggs in my basket


Anonymous said...

Goooooo! Chicks! I want to see the Aru??? lay their Easter eggs!


tonia said...

I have a silver-laced wyandotte that looks just like that! :) she's gorgeous.

love your coop! our coop took on a life of it's's the most expensive coop in the state, i'm sure of it. *hee*

stacy said...

tonia, we don't figure the coop cost into our egg 'business' 'cuz then we'd never break even! :o)