Saturday, August 23, 2008

field of sunflowers

after 2 weeks of airports, hotels, and meetings mark was glad to arrive home on friday afternoon. and we were so glad to have him home! he was restless to be outdoors, so we all went for a tour of mark's sunflower fields. he planted 1 acre of sunflowers as food for the wild life and to draw in the mourning doves. dove season opens on september 1st and he is hoping for a good hunting season.

i tried to get a picture of the gold finch who were feasting on the seeds, but let's just say we didn't exactly sneak up on anyone.

helianthus annus
bumble bee on a sunflower

sampling the sunflower seeds...i think they are better roasted with salt.

everyday gift: having mark home again

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Anonymous said...

We always knew Mark was "outstanding in his field!" we have proof!! =^..^= Not tellin'