Wednesday, August 20, 2008

going on a frog hunt

following a bike trail that leads through wetlands next to the river. frog town.

these bullfrogs were everywhere! croaking and jumping into the water 20 feet ahead of us on the trail. S had one in his clutches before it slipped through his muddy fingers.

leopard frog

we saw lots of deer and raccoon tracks

female wood ducks! this picture was taken from a distance and i thought they were mallards. but as i downloaded the pictures, i discovered they are the very shy wood ducks!

some type of hibiscus or mallow flower...i couldn't find it in my wild flower book, but isn't it pretty? if you can identify it, leave me a note!

swamp smartweed

wild grapes

brother hunting brother hunting frogs

my little hiker!

frogs are faster than my boys in a swamp. but they gave them a run for their money!

everyday gift: a nature hike

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Chris said...

Oh how fun! If you would like to catch more come on down. My husband says he knows how to "hypnotize" a frog in order to catch it. Perhaps he'll show you!