Wednesday, October 22, 2008


would ya look at those keeper girls?! they are the best! they sure worked hard making and canning applesauce on saturday. a big BIG 'thank you' goes to mr. and mrs. w and sarah who planned, organized, and executed this ambitious project. we learned a lot about the importance and history of safe food preservation and about the process of canning. we also got to take home some yummy applesauce, some to eat and some to share with a shut-in or neighbor.

mrs. w shared her favorite combination of apples for the best sauce: a large portion of jonathon with smaller portions of macintosh, banana, and golden delicious. it is indeed a yummy combination.

peeling the apples

mrs. w stirring the apples

oh, yum!

mr. w and daughter sarah helping the keepers with applesauce

putting our hot cooked apples through the food mill

ladling the applesauce into the hot jars

everyday gift: working together in the kitchen

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