Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a day at the zoo

in case my readership was wondering where i was last week, all 3 of you, i was entertaining my dad on his visit from arizona. it had been too long since we had seen him, so it was really a blessing to be able to catch up and renew our relationship. we had a really nice time, it was good to see him. here are pictures from our day at the zoo...

my favorite, the giraffes. unfortunately, their outdoor habitat was having work done on it, so they were stuck inside. hard to get good pictures through the fence.

S's favorite, the reptile house!

feeding the fish, ducks, and out or they will nip your fingers, too!

kisses from a goat! :o)

B and grammy on the carousel. surprise! B did not choose one of the many beautiful horses to ride, but we are in the middle of our science lesson on canines so she chose the wolf.

watching the lions

everyday gifts: all creatures great and small; enjoying time with dad


Chris said...

What a fun day! Good memories made that day.

Anonymous said...


I noticed you left a comment on my Smile-wink-nod blog!! Thank you... I clicked over to see your blog...and I LOVE IT! You have such a nice variety of entries! I love your hydranga's!!

I'll be adding you to my favorites and checking in on you daily!! Keep blogging!