Sunday, October 19, 2008


here is a peek into our week with Lentil, the latest Five in a Row book.

making lemonade...a little stir, a little slurp of lemon...

our taste test: salty, sweet, bitter or sour? after the blindfold went on i slipped in honey and ice cream to surprise her. we had fun learning about the sense of taste and the map of the tongue.

B practicing her harmonica in the bathtub where "the tone is improved 100%."

old sneep suckin' on a lemon!

as a side study, we learned about the great lakes and the erie canal. i found a patriotic cd with songs about the states and american history with a great folk song about the erie canal. B has been singing it all week (and driving her brothers batty! LOL!)


Anonymous said...

Oh.. Lentil was one of our favorites, too! Looking at the sliced lemons makes my lips pucker! It looks like you all had a great week! Good memories!!

Keep up the great work!
Ivy (Michele)

Tonya said...

I think I know exactly what song you're talking about! A favorite around here. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear B,

I just love it when you study books I read when I was a little girl. I remember Lentl. I think my 3rd grade teacher read it to our class. It's a winner and you sure did make it come alive! Good work, you two. Hugs 'n Kisses, Grammy