Tuesday, October 21, 2008

one-room school house circa 1908

last week i was one of the drivers for the field trip S's class took to a living history school house. i was so glad for the chance to go and B got the bonus of coming along as well. aside from the cold dreary weather, it was a really fun day. the kids each took on a character, an actual person who lived and breathed and went to school in a one room school house in the early 1900's. they read biographies of their character and played the part for the day, even dressing as they might have dressed, well, as close as our modern day closets would allow. it was a wonderful experience.

the school house is set in lovely rural iowa, complete with a winding stream and cows grazing next to a corn field.

a fire was blazing in the stove and we welcomed its warmth!

children at attention as the school master spoke...notice the freshly cut switch on his desk? fortunately, he didn't need to use it! :o)

mr. crow, the school master talks with his pupils

"elmer miller" prepares for a day of school

sweet girls!

the school master played the part so well, he was warm and witty with the kids, but still very stern as a proper school master should be.

everyday gift: living history lessons

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